Refugees that nobody wants, that are wanted less and less, as the number of jobs diminish in industrial nations. EUROPE! Many refugees would very much like to go there, seeking the assurance of security, prosperity and economic growth.

An old boat approaches, carrying seven emaciated goats. Grass no longer grows where they come from. They will travel on like this until someone takes them in. The goat is the cow of the poor man and possesses more survival skills than many other animals. In the majority of myths from around the world the goat is the animal that symbolises life’s dynamic and sensual energy. And it is to one’s distinct advantage to take in one of these animals, since they require so little in return for what they themselves produce in raw materials.
A voice from the boat informs us of all this… "If all human beings lived as the Massai in Kenya do, there would be room on this earth for 20 or 30 billion people. If they lived as the Americans in Manhattan or Boston, then there would be room for 3.5 billion. However, there are 6 billion of us…"

Technical details:
The boat is between 5 and 7 metres long, 60 cm wide and lies about 55 cm above the water level. The goats are secured by means of screws to the sides of the boat, which is anchored close to the riverbank. The goats are made of iron wire and plaster, coated in polyester resin, and measure 1.40 x 1.40 x 0.74 metres.Inside the boat is a tape recorder, which plays a tape of a 15-minute radio documentary from the RBB science program, "Six billion people – population growth as our biggest global challenge".